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As I travel through the United States visiting with my adult children and grandchildren, I am so grateful to be able to do this. At each home, I have a different writing space. Here in Tennessee, I write in the library. It’s an old fashioned room filled with shelves of books and tables and a couch for sitting. I have a table for my laptop and best of all the wi fi is very strong in this room.

But instead of googling, sometimes tempted by the “real” books around me, I pull one of them out to find my information. As an older writer, I should be able to be old fashioned I believe.

Copyright Registration – In the Contract and Beyond

I was glad to read this. It certainly provides protection for us writers.

Writers In The Storm Blog

By Susan Spann

Today, we’ll continue the #PubLaw guest series on Copyright in the Contract with a look at copyright registration.

As I mentioned in last month’s post (you can read it HERE), copyright protection is automatic and attaches to qualifying works (like novels) at the time of creation. Formal registration is not required to create a copyright in an author’s work.

However, copyright registration does have several important benefits and should be addressed, specifically, in every publishing contract.


Authors should ensure that novels and other published works are promptly—and properly—registered with the copyright office on, or within three months after, the date of initial publication. Publishing an excerpt on your blog does not constitute “publication” for registration purposes – the term refers to the date the entire work is officially published – though if you publish your entire novel online, serially or otherwise, it…

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