Computers and Electronic Devices

The post before this one was written in 2014.

This one was written this morning when I wrote to my oldest daughter. Both posts mention God. He is the one who gave me every ability I have. Music, writing, teaching. So here goes my second post of the day.

This is what happens to these computers and satellite devices of every description. Something in them gets stuck and it just stays stuck until you fool with them enough trying to clear it out that finally the stupid machine understands that the command it was holding onto is wrong. The machine can’t help it.  But that’s when I always want to chunk it out the window.

I think God must feel that way about us sometimes, but He is always patient and He will never throw us into the fiery pit if we are His. He will just keep on adjusting us until we realize that command our selfishness wants to hold on to can be rooted out.

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