A new book of mine is out today. Or maybe I should say a new/old book has been redone and is available again to my readers.

If you’ve never read anything I have written, read Stone Justice.

It’s the true story of Toni Jo Henry who was executed in 1942 for a crime she might have committed, but probably did not. Though she was there when J.P. Calloway was killed, did she actually pull the trigger? That’s for you to decide.

Three trials, three juries of twelve men, decided she did. Toni Jo was the only woman ever executed in the electric chair in the state of Louisiana.

This is a true story based on real people. It’s a slice of life from long ago. It’s a tale of greed. A tale of violence. A tale of justice gone wrong.

But ultimately, it is a tale of redemption. It is available now in print and on Kindle at Amazon.





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