My First Book

It is a Friday morning. But somehow when I am writing, the day of the week doesn’t matter. What matters more is getting the work done whatever the day may be. I am very close to being finished with THE BEST HOTEL ROYALE. The rest of what I have to write is what is often called the denouement and then the climax and then the happy ending. Yay, it is in sight and all the building blocks that have been put into place, no matter if they were skillfully done or not, are there in their places.
I remember when I first wrote this book. Somehow at that time when it was the only book there, I could keep it all together in my brain. Often at night I would look at it in its whole scope. At the point where I am right now, I had the audacity to send a query to a publisher about it. I got an almost immediate response for the whole manuscript! Unbelievable, true. Unbelievable and I was so green at the whole process, I did not even realize how unbelievable it was. I still had three chapters to write so I hurriedly cobbled them together and sent it off to New York to St. Martin’s Press. It was five months later I got my rejection from them. Once again, green as I was, I did not realize how close I came to getting this, my first book ever, published. And how remarkable to get a real rejection letter for it.
I know now, though. And the book is the better for it. As I go through its pages, I see how immature I was. How simple my writing was, but it makes me glad. Because now after all these 21 years (yes, I first finished it that long ago), the story is done the way it should be.

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