Old oak

This older writer is as sturdy as an old oak tree ... or maybe an old oaken bucket since I seem to be full of many things.

To get back to oak tree analogy, in my front yard when I was little there stood a very old oak tree. It was an easy tree to climb. It was a wonderful place to play games. Make believe ones, or making towns in the soft, sandy soil it sheltered. Many of its roots were on top of the ground. 

I lived in a small town in Southwestern Louisiana that sat only thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico. The lake my town was named after, Lake Arthur, could take you all the 30 miles between us and the Gulf.

Salty Gulf breezes blew, sometimes in a lazy fashion, sometimes gusty and strong when a storm was brewing.
My family was in love with the water. Sailing, bigger boats, and daily swims filled my days on the lake. Except for Sunday when we could not head for the lake but must instead attend church.


Older writer to appear on Television

Earlier this year I was interviewed by a television crew for an episode of the popular series DEADLY WOMEN that airs on the  Investigation Discovery channel. Most cable and satellite providers carry this channel and it may be listed as the ID channel. The episode I am in will premiere on Saturday night. I was interviewed about my book, STONE JUSTICE, which I co-wrote with Debi King McMartin. I can’t wait to see how the interview turned out. I can’t wait (though I may cringe when I see myself) for the first viewing. Air time is 9 pm Central, 10 pm Eastern and Pacific time.

OH and I almost forgot. The newest edition of Stone Justice is once again available in print and Kindle on Amazon. I also have a short story on Kindle which will be free for the next few days. Title of the short story is Lucy Lee and the B & B. Enjoy.


A new book of mine is out today. Or maybe I should say a new/old book has been redone and is available again to my readers.

If you’ve never read anything I have written, read Stone Justice.

It’s the true story of Toni Jo Henry who was executed in 1942 for a crime she might have committed, but probably did not. Though she was there when J.P. Calloway was killed, did she actually pull the trigger? That’s for you to decide.

Three trials, three juries of twelve men, decided she did. Toni Jo was the only woman ever executed in the electric chair in the state of Louisiana.

This is a true story based on real people. It’s a slice of life from long ago. It’s a tale of greed. A tale of violence. A tale of justice gone wrong.

But ultimately, it is a tale of redemption. It is available now in print and on Kindle at Amazon.





My First Book

It is a Friday morning. But somehow when I am writing, the day of the week doesn’t matter. What matters more is getting the work done whatever the day may be. I am very close to being finished with THE BEST HOTEL ROYALE. The rest of what I have to write is what is often called the denouement and then the climax and then the happy ending. Yay, it is in sight and all the building blocks that have been put into place, no matter if they were skillfully done or not, are there in their places.
I remember when I first wrote this book. Somehow at that time when it was the only book there, I could keep it all together in my brain. Often at night I would look at it in its whole scope. At the point where I am right now, I had the audacity to send a query to a publisher about it. I got an almost immediate response for the whole manuscript! Unbelievable, true. Unbelievable and I was so green at the whole process, I did not even realize how unbelievable it was. I still had three chapters to write so I hurriedly cobbled them together and sent it off to New York to St. Martin’s Press. It was five months later I got my rejection from them. Once again, green as I was, I did not realize how close I came to getting this, my first book ever, published. And how remarkable to get a real rejection letter for it.
I know now, though. And the book is the better for it. As I go through its pages, I see how immature I was. How simple my writing was, but it makes me glad. Because now after all these 21 years (yes, I first finished it that long ago), the story is done the way it should be.

Self publishing: not for the faint of heart

At the beginning of this year, I made a plan. I had a backlog of books for which I had gotten the rights back.  Small presses do go out of business after all.

I also had a total of three completed manuscripts I wanted to see in print. And many more half completed and, even more, manuscripts.

I made a pledge to begin self-publishing these products of my writing. And now the first of these is available on Amazon in both Kindle and print.

BROUSSARD BAYOU INN, Book One of the Cajun Posse series, is a romantic suspense tale with paranormal undertones. The ebook is available on Kindle starting Sunday, Valentine’s Day.

BROUSSARD BAYOU INN is also the tale of two lovers, big, sexy Tony Pagano and Shay Broussard, the posse member, and innkeeper.

How the mind of a writer works

Ending yesterday, The Boggy Creek Festival, is an annual event in Fouke, Arkansas. It started three years ago. Fouke is the place The Legend of Boggy Creek, an iconic horror film, was made in the late ’70’s.
It’s also the location of a fox pen where my late husband liked to fox hunt. Fox hunting, a sport not often practiced anymore, is not about killing the fox. It is about the thrill of the chase with the fox and the fox hounds chasing their quarry and both enjoying that chase. On a moonlit night, you can actually see the foxy grin on the animal being chased when he looks back over his shoulder at the pursuing hounds.
I liked to tag along on Morgan’s hunts. Usually I would wait at the camp in a small cabin and write. Sometimes I would step out by the fire to watch and listen to the baying of the dogs for a while.
Those woods surrounding me were quite spooky and often thoughts of the Boggy Creek monster, a sasquatch aka as bigfoot, would cause me to shiver and the hair on my neck to rise.
If I happened to be writing a romantic suspense, I would be truly frightened and retreat to the safety of the cabin. Indeed I have written such a book, Magnolia House, still available years after the print date with a shape shifter monster called The Loggy Bayou Monster.
Not as long ago, my writing partner and I would write a bigfoot horror script, Skookum: The Hunt for Bigfoot. An advance screening of it was part of those latest Boggy Creek Festival days.
This morning I was thinking of how we wrote it. And how I wrote the romantic suspense and a thought came to me.
It was about something often speculated about. Many have asked me. Just how does bigfoot, if he does exist, escape detection. Why has he not been found? Or seen, if you tend not to believe eye witness reports of people like my friend, Mike Wooley.